If You Have Ever Read Books

If you have ever read books by spiritual mystics you know God often reveals insights to us via picture images and metaphors. This helps us glean visions of the spiritual world since it is unseen by us here on earth. The illustrations are not myths nor are they meant to be taken literally. God is communicating with us now in ways we will one day have the capacity to understand.

We quickly learn through life that God’s ways are not our ways.And realize we do not have the capacity to even comprehend our Creators perspectives. If we do not accept this we will not develop the faith that our soul requires for growth. Yet God does not abandon us because we are told that for now we can “only see dimly” but there will come a day when we will have the capacity to understand from God’s perspective.

One day we will have the vision to see clearly the full picture of reality. Can you imagine having that depth of knowing? I think God may keep some things dim to protect us from our human brains from being blown by the details we will one day have the capacity to comprehend.

Meanwhile as we do live out our time on earth we are given some understanding of God’s perspective through examples, metaphors, and images that are familiar to us. One example that comes to mind of how metaphors are used is how heaven is portrayed as ” The streets in heaven are paved in gold”. What is the point of enlightening our minds with this image?

Well, it helps us imagine something that is familiar to us. Our minds can picture streets of gold. And the street images of being gold communicate to us how beautiful and valuable heaven will be. God’s purpose is not literal but to give us this picture of heaven to communicate it as a place we would desire to live. It is not about the streets actually being gold.

The metaphor images allow us perspectives about our spiritual life. It makes that which is invisible have meaning for us while we live in this world. It encourages us to remember that our life here is temporal. In fact God uses the metaphor for our lives timeline on earth being,“But a vapor.” And the older you get the more you understand just how quickly time goes.It reminds us that whatever we are enduring in the now will one day end.

I wanted to discover what are the metaphoric images given to help us better understand our souls. I started with the presupposition that we all have souls. And if de-mystify our souls we can better understand the soul’s purpose for residing in us. So first we acknowledge that we have a soul.
Once you know this as reality then you can move on to finding your soul’s purpose. This is vital because if we are unable to define our soul to ourselves then we will get lost in the mystery of having a soul. Or even worse live your life ignoring the existence of our soul.

The tragedy of this would be never getting to know God or your true self, your soul.

Once you believe in your soul’s existence you also realize the soul is outside of your capacity to fully visualize or comprehend. What Ive done to have some comprehension of my soul is to compare it to something familiar, like an organ in my body. I develop metaphors to help me connect with the reality of being soul. I picture my soul as an organ actually residing in my physical body.It is that part of me that is eternal. We are able to know one purpose for our soul is how God lets us know we will continue to live beyond our physical death, without our bodies. After our bodies have decayed from our time on earth we are given a body incapable of decaying. Try to imagine that with the mind you presently have. God lets us know this life is not all there is for us. Another piece of information given to us about our souls is how our souls are filled with God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit.

Can you seriously imagine living with the awareness of this reality? You can walk around each day knowing the Spirit of God lives in you. This definitely allows me to feel deeply connected to God. God could have created us without any kind of connection to spirit until heaven, but did not.

Ok I have a soul. My soul is connected to God. This means the Spirit/God is residing within me. I am never alone even when it feels like I am. How amazing is this? The awesomeness of all of who God is exists inside of me, my soul.

We get excited about lesser things only because they are visible and tangible. We are thrilled to get a Christmas bonus or to travel to places we have always wanted to go. Yet what is our thrill level when it comes to the realization that God lives within me.

Once this sunk in it led me to wonder why does God’s spirit live in my soul, what is the purpose for me, day to day. This is what we will explore in the next post on our soul.

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