Join with me and discover that life does not have to be hard, painful, or fearful, no matter what experiences or people have done to harm you. Why? Because we all have been given by God, intuition. What is incredible about this is that your intuition (inner wisdom) is already in you, waiting to be known by you. Once you tap into yours, you will be living in the intuitive flow. (Living aligned with the spirit).

I would like to help you learn to be living your life, aware of this gift from God, for you. Living in the awareness of my intuition, has been a life giving force for me personally. Now I am compelled to share this way of life with others. I hope you find your path, so you can move forward and live the life you desire, not regret.

I have had a private counseling practice for the last 33 years. Over the decades I have helped individuals, families and couples as well as children heal from trauma and emotional wounds.

Robin Reisert
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Robin Reisert

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